Cable Button Scarf – Free Knitting Pattern

I’ve posted this as a free pattern as it is my first attempt at pattern writing. Please feel free to attach your suggestions for improving the pattern to the comments. You can find me on Instagram @hahaknits and on FB as HaHaKnits Hand Knits. I appreciate Follows & Likes respectively. 🙂 Please read the whole pattern before starting your knitting.


  • Size 9-10.5 needles
  • Worsted weight yarn
  • Row counter (whatever you prefer)
  • Cable Needle


Cast On 40

K 4 Rows

The pattern is worked over 40 stitches and consists of two braided cables with a six stitch spiral cable in between the two braided cables. The odd rows are all purl stitch as are the stitches in between the cables and at the edges of the work.


1-     P 40

2-     P4, K9, P4, [C2F] 3 times,  P4, K9, P4

3-     P 40

4-     P4, C6F, K3, P4, K1, [C2F] twice, K1, P4, K9

5-     P 40

6-     P4, K9, P4, [C2F] 3 times, P4, K9, P4

7-     P 40

8-     P4, K3, C6B, P4, K1, [C2F] twice, K1, K3, C6B, P4

Repeat until work measure at least 28 inches. The rainbow scarf was worked on size 9 needles and measured 28″. The grey and pink was worked on 10.5 needles and measured 31″. (See photos below.)

Button Hole Row:

K4, YO, K2tog, K13, YO, K2tog, K14, YO, SSK, K3

K2 rows

Bind off


I used the wet blocking method and attached the buttons after it was blocked.

Buttons are attached on the right side of their work per photo, taking care to match their spacing up to your buttonhole locations. You can decide which side to attach the buttons to. I’ve included photos of both sides to help you decide.DSCN1016.JPG