Chunky Button Scarf – Free Pattern


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Size 15 Needles

Heavy Weight Yarn – I used Cascade Chunky wool and Mushishi wool & silk blend which is a DK/Lt. Worsted.

NOTE: This pattern as written is for a rather wide scarf and you can adjust the width by simply casting on few stitches. Reducing by 4 stitches at a time so you can maintain the pattern and adjusting the buttonhole role to fit your stitch count.


1             CO 26

2             *K2, P1* repeat ** until the last 2 stitches, K2

3             P2 *K1, P2* repeat ** through row

4             Repeat these two rows until you reach 2” shorter than desired length. Somewhere between 70-85 rows, depending on desired length. Shorter means a tighter fit around the neck. I usually hold it up around my neck to see when it is close to the length I want.

5             K two rows

6             –Button Hole Row–  K6, YO, K2tog, K10, K2tog, YO, K6

NOTE: You can choose the number of button holes you choose to make as they are a simple YO and K2tog for each button hole. I recommend doing this stitch more loosely if you are using a larger button or tighter for a small button.  Directions are for scarf as pictured with two button holes. You’ll have to do the math for three or more. 🙂

8             K3 rows

9             Bind off


10           Add I-Cord Trim in contrasting color with only the thinner strand of yarn. I did a 3 stitch I-Cord. (see video links to understand how to do I-Cord Trim as well as turning the corner in I-Cord trim). I started the I-Cord trim in the middle of one of the sides of the scarf. Take care when finishing the round to join as carefully and neatly as possible.

This is the newest technique I have learned and I love how it adds a nice finished look to any edge.



This is not the best quality video, but the easiest I found to help me understand how to make a nice 90 degree angle on the corner of the scarf. You can search on for additional videos to help you understand.

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